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Scamming is rampant across Maplestory. Here is a few tips to avoid them

1. When buying an item, always put half of the price up, and ask the other person to show the item. If not, then immediately close the trade window

2. Do not give your password or PIN out, Period. Ever.

3. Do not buy NX cash. It is 99.99% possibility that it's a scam, not to mention it is against the Terms of Service

4. If you are really paranoid of scams, and is afraid of selling your items, just get a shop, bought with NX cash, from the Cash Shop

In fact, if you do not care about the little benefit in the game. Just play the game, make friends. You know that, in the Maple Story, players can not PK. WOW!

Here is another tip.

Ok, this tells you how to take a cash shop item and put in a different server to another character. Example, If you play in Bera and also have a character in Scania. You can transfer the item from the guy in bera, to the guy in scania. First, wait until any cash shop item expires from your guy in bera, then unequip any cash shop item that you want to transfer, so it shows it in your inventory. (but don not enter the cash shop in bera or it won’t work!) Then Go to the character in scania and enter the cash shop, it will tell you the item that in Bera expired, and all your cash shop items that were not equipped with the guy in Bera will appear in the Cash shop in Scania! this trick also works with pets.