The tooltip for Improved Tracking has been

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Hunter: All ranks of Sonic Blast now properly have an 80 Focus cost Maple Story mesos. Black Arrow Ranks 5 and 6 training costs have been lowered significantly.

Furious Howl: Ranks 1-5 will no longer give slightly more attack power than is listed in their tooltips.

Lock and Load: The tooltip for this talent has been updated to indicate that it also works with Explosive Trap.

Roar of Sacrifice: Damage transferred to pet is now considered Nature damage. The tooltip for Improved Tracking has been slightly re-written to indicate that it only works on the hunter, and works on melee damage as well.

T.N.T. (Rank 3): Now indicates that the talent works with Black Arrow.

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Rune of Razorice: Each death knight can now have his or her own copy of this debuff on the target.

Maim: Tooltip now specifies that the Interrupt effect only occurs on non-player targets.

Natural Perfection: Now properly triggered by periodic critical strikes.

Nature's Grasp: This talent will no longer be triggered spuriously by some ranged abilities such as Heroic Throw.