MapleStory EU introduces first Chaos update

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The triple-stage update for MMO MapleStory Europe has begun with the first Chaos update, Nexon has announced.

The first part of this update includes The Age of Artisans and The Age of Heroes. The former will allow users to craft new weapons, potions, armour, accessories, as well as alter characteristics like Willpower and Ambition.

The Age of Heroes offers Hero class rebalancing, new enemies, and additional areas to explore, while Cygnus and Resistance classes return with a new skill set.

The Chaos Update is said to re-balance classes with enhanced skills, as well as reveal a new crafting system and PvP mode.

Nexon Europe CEO Sung Jin Kim stated the update will make the game more "intuitive".

MapleStory is a free-to-play 2D MMO which first launched in South Korea in 2003.