All of these are from various NPCs in the area

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Terokarr Forest: Leaving Shattrath City, head southward to the Bone Wastes so that you end up Mesos at 30, 51 which is the location of the Shadow Tomb.

Kill all the Cabel in the area to get Marks of Kil'jaeden for rep. Your goal here is the Cabal Orders; you can stop grinding them whenever the orders drop.

Head eastward some (not far 36, 50) to the Refugee Caravan. Turn in "Cabal Orders" along with "Seek out Kirrik" and accept" Before Darkness Falls", "Veil Skith: Dark-stone of Terokk", "The Infested Protectors", and "The Shadow Tomb". All of these are from various NPCs in the area, of course.

While in this area it's advised to kill Forest Ragers and Infested Root Walkers which when killed drop Wood Mites which is needed for "The Infested Protectors".

Anyway, go northwest to about 29, 41 and kill the Arakkoa then head to the nearby black crystal and use the rod of purification on it, head back down to the Shadow Tomb.

At the Shadow Tomb head inside and you need to loot 3 chests which contain Gavel, Drape, and Scroll. Make sure to do those together if you don't you'll kick yourself when you find yourself farming them for hours on end.